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Natasha Fennell

Communication and Leadership Advisor

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Natasha is the Communication and Leadership Advisor for Stillwater. As the co-founder of the organization, her presence provides strength and direction for Stillwater.
Natasha Fennell
Communication &
Leadership Advisor
written by Natasha
Women are losing the numbers game. Let’s win the politics game.
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Natasha is one of Ireland’s leading communications experts and confidence mentors. She is driven by a need to help people and organisations find their compelling calling and to develop the skills, processes and confidence to achieve it.

Much of Natasha’s work starts with individual executives within organisations, often to help with a specific presentation, speech or event where the individual’s personal and organisational reputation is at stake. As it’s her day job too, Natasha brings a unique empathy and insight as well as proven methodologies and tools.

Natasha’s distinctive approach is underpinned by extensive research, decades of experience and her own life journey. Her career developed from public relations with Carr Communications to the national broadcaster, RTÉ, followed by a period in political communications. She co-founded Stillwater in 2007 and quickly built a solid reputation for outstanding, award-winning work.

Her clients span across retail, bio-medical, multi-national corporates and NGOs, and include Accenture, Brown Thomas, Tesco, Pfizer, European Central Bank, AIB, TU Dublin and Jigsaw.


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