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The world of work is changing

Don’t get left behind

We know this terrain well. We’re here to help. Welcome to stillwater.

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We are business and people advisors who help organisations tackle strategic problems. Whether you are implementing organisational change, are upskilling your team or need to drive performance, our story-led, practical solutions ensure company-wide buy in and long-term impact. We know it takes insight powered by the right tools to deliver an engaged, renewed and refocused workforce. That’s why we blend behavioural research with story to create a better world of work for organisations and their people.

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The company we keep

The culture we cultivate

At Stillwater, we care about the world of work because we care about people. We study the intricacies of the human mind and analyze behaviors to break through archaic methods of working. We believe in the power of story, and how it helps us make sense of an ever-evolving world. We help create workplace environments where people grow, innovate and adapt.

It’s a culture we live at Stillwater and its a culture we help our clients build.

A communicator at heart, Natasha believes in the transformative power of good communication. She will quickly diagnose a problem, steer leadership to refocus on what’s important and offer practical solutions with a long-lasting impact. Natasha never settles for mediocrity.

Being a native Irish speaker gives Natasha a unique lens on the world.
She's also co-authored the bestselling book 'The Daughterhood'.

Natasha is the Communication and Leadership Advisor for Stillwater. As the co-founder of the organization, her presence provides strength and direction for Stillwater.
Natasha Fennell
Communication &
Leadership Advisor

Lover of change: whether it's communicating it, aligning leadership around it, or researching it, Rebecca thrives on the evolution of oganisations and their people. Taking a narrative approach, she will create strategic solutions that connect with stakeholders and deliver results.

Nicknamed the taskmaster, Rebecca will drive projects with tenacity.

Rebecca Bury is an Organizational Behaviorist for Stillwater. Rebecca has a commanding presence in communication and is an excellent asset to Stillwater.
Rebecca Bury
Organisational Behaviourist
& Communication Advisor

A pioneer of business storytelling, Cilian has been using story to help organisations and start ups grow in Europe, the US & China. Cilian will bring a new lens, clarity of thought and a compelling narrative to serve any business need or context.

Cilian’s keen interest in mythology and anthropology adds depth and wisdom to all that he does. He's also an award winning TV producer.

Cilian Fennell is the Storytelling Consultant and Strategic Advisor. As the co-founder at Stillwater, Cilian has a keen sense of direction when engaging with leaders.
Cilian Fennell
Storytelling Consultant
& Strategic Advisor

A firm believer in putting people and culture first, Aoife is committed to evidence-based solutions that make work better. Her out-of-the-box thinking brings a fresh perspective to projects and her pragmatism ensures that the job gets done.

Aoife's love of the arts, in particular cinema, influences her view of the world.

Aoife Kelly-Cooney is an Organizational Behaviorist at Stillwater. Her ability to cut through noise and give clear direction propels Stillwater forward.
Aoife Kelly-Cooney

An award-winner in product design, data science and performance management, Fiona has had multiple careers as Learning Designer, Multinational Executive, Startup Entrepreneur, Innovation Strategist, Change Consultant, Director, and Historian.

Fiona has a knack for quickly uncovering the real issues and proposing realistic solutions.

Fiona Slevin is the Transformational Implementer and Non-Exec for Stillwater. Fiona is a leader in the field of communication and is an excellent addition to the Stillwater team.
Fiona Slevin
Assoc. Transformational
Implementer & Non-Exec Director

Passionate about how visuals interact with the brain, Sarah brings an aesthetic quality to communication that makes people want to pay attention. Her obsession with art, eye for detail and refined sense of style takes communication to the next level.

Growing up in a large multi-cultural family, Sarah enjoys world-wide collaborative work.

Sarah DeGarmo is the Communication Design Consultant for Stillwater. She is a tall blonde female with extensive experience in design.
Sarah DeGarmo
Assoc. Communication
Design Consultant

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