Cilian Fennell

Storytelling Consultant & Strategic Advisor at Stillwater

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Cilian Fennell is the Storytelling Consultant and Strategic Advisor. As the co-founder at Stillwater, Cilian has a keen sense of direction when engaging with leaders.
Cilian Fennell
Storytelling Consultant
& Strategic Advisor
written by Cilian
A Conversation with Cilian Fennell
Why Storytelling Matters in Business
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Cilian is a Storytelling Consultant & Strategic Advisor at Stillwater and is one of Ireland’s foremost leadership, communication and messaging consultants.

A multi-award winning TV Producer, Cilian has worked with governments, multinationals, NGOs and start ups, helping them clarify their offering. As one of the  pioneers of business storytelling, he uses this technique to work with Irish and international organisations in the areas of communications, strategy, branding, corporate messaging, reputational strategy and change management strategy. He is also an advisor to a number of media companies as they adapt to the new realities of their sector.

Cilian works with start ups and established businesses looking for investment or growth opportunities. He works as a pitching coach in San Francisco, London, Dubai, Paris, Shenzhen and Dublin, helping teams to hone their stories and deliver compelling pitches.


Cilian Speaking about the importance of storytelling within business on RTÉ Radio 1 with Evelyn O'Rourke

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